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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sometimes I feel like going 'home'. A perfect place that doesn't exist on this physical earth, yet that I see glimpses of around me. 

There are days and moments where I feel at peace and in complete contentment (usually days like today--a day of rest to enjoy my husband and the creation around me). Yet, quite often there's an lacking of something. An incompleteness.

I've recently discovered a photographer that has captured my idea of 'home'. She's embraced quiet beauty, soft light, and the beckoning of a daily-ness wrapped in a cloak of comfort. There's a sense of life, and yet, a quiet stillness about these photographs. The kind that accompanies you in the midst of a perfect cup of tea on a friendly spring day.

Check her prints out on Etsy and her blog,  Kristybee....The Blog. Thank you for your inspiring photographs, 'Kristybee'! 

{Wish list from Anthropologie}

Monday, September 21, 2009

If I could choose five things from Anthropologie, here's what I'd pick:

[1] Vintage radio

[2] Solid perfume; customs security can't take this one from you!

[3] Sassy rug with an awesome print!

[4] Cozy yet feminine sweater; fall and winter seem so much more inviting...

[5] Leather purse with taste;purse trinkets never felt so good...

{I delight in}...

There are truly too many things in this world to delight in. Yet, I leave you with three of them for this lovely Monday:

[1] Peacock feather earrings. I've only worn them once (they sit in my jewerly dish).
[2] sketching. I mostly hide them once I've sketched them (that's my sketch hidden behind the feather).

[3] Coffee. I can't consume enough. I'll take it any form and size.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get some work done...and drink some coffee...

Inspired Patterns: architecturaldigest.com

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I love the influence of the Moors in Architectural Digests pattern choices. The colors are vibrant and lively. Yum.

Inspired Patterns: architecturaldigest.com

[sad thought: I typed in Dominomag.com, just for the sake of seeing the website...and it took me to Architectural Digest. Just another reality that Domino indeed does not exist anymore.]

An end of a wonderful chapter.

I'm reflecting on a sad note. Domino magazine is no longer in print. My heart is sad and continues to pour over the yet existing magazines.

This magazine is from October 2008, with the quote on the binding, "The only chance of renovation is to open our eyes and see the mess." --Samuel Beckett.

See what we're missing? At least they're pretty for laying out and they're full of ideas that last....

[taken with my phone]


Blogs. Typically, this is the point where I hit 'delete'. Something about posting...scares me. Yet, I'm inspired by many blogs dedicated to decor, photography, chocolate, family, writing, design, and so much more, simply because they hit 'publish post'. I can do this [getting motivated]....

Who is writing behind this blog? I'm the wife of the best man out there, daughter of a King, a twenty-something, aesthetics loving, home creating, Ella Fitzgerald loving, candle lighting, chocolate consuming, garden digging, flower cutting, Diana F camera wanting, literature admiring, New York residing Minnesotan. And I'm a fan of snow.

Why have I chosen to call it pen&paper? My husband and I share a quality that reveals itself at the moments when you're feeling most creative. Perfectionism. Paper holds a daunting-ness about it. It's permanent. Let's face it, there is no perfect piece of work in the eyes of the artist. At least, not in this perfectionist bearing household. A painting, drawing, or written piece of work reveals the imperfection of humanity.

In the same way, a blog is permanent. Yes, I can delete it just as I can throw away a painting. But once someone has read your thoughts, it's in their mind. Once they've seen your drawing, it's in their mind. From there they may base their judgment. They might see that I am not perfect. To one with the before-mentioned disease, this is a frightening thing.

So rather than avoid my paper, pen, or blog, I'm going to tackle it; fighting off the lie that perfectionism = value. I'm going to bear fruit in this area of my life, being strengthened for endurance and patience because I'm qualified (Colossians 1:9-14).

This is where I leave you in my first entry.

{Lindsay Kate}


[an overcast/drippy day]